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Thank you for taking an interest in my work.  I am extremely passionate about crafting bespoke illustrative solutions for my clients,
paying particular attention to the quality and detail in all of my projects.

I would love to work with you to bring this kind of quality to your business and your project. 
Below are some case study examples of clients I’ve provided for, as well as my working process on achieving quality illustrations.



My Process

Meeting to Outline Goals and
Determine Value

The first stage on my creative process is to have a meeting so that we can talk about your specific goals for the project.  This is so that I can get on the same page as you and familiarise myself with your goals, so that when I am designing your solution, I can do so with my full focus and attention.  During this meeting, we will talk about how valuable achieving these goals will be to your business. 


This is a vital part of the project.  For any design to be created, or any message to be carried, the message must be articulated first.  This may be how many characters you want in your illustration, the setting or some specific details you want to show through in the illustration.  This is what I call content.

Proposal and Agreement

After defining your goals and determining the value of what achieving these goals would mean to your business, I will formulate a proposal for the project.  This proposal will reiterate your goals, your desired solution, and include my fee.  At this time, I will also present you with an agreement which explains my project specific process, timeline, and terms of the business relationship.  When I deliver this to you, I also set aside time to walk you through it, paragraph by paragraph, to make sure that we have a complete understanding before moving forward.

The Project

Once I have received the deposit payment, I will then begin the project.  The steps I take to complete a project can vary based on the goals and medium, but generally break down to this: Research, collect raw materials, sketch, develop, refine, further refinement, finishing, completion, packaging and delivery.

If I have decided to undertake your project, I have done so because I am thoroughly passionate about, and fully devoted to crafting a solution of excellent quality.  To do this, I must fully immerse myself in the project.  This means that I devote myself to working not only at my desk when creating, but away from the office too.  My thoughts and reflections throughout the day all contribute to achieving your goals.  I have even woken up in the morning, and the first thing I have done after opening my eyes is reach for a pencil to sketch down a solution.  My mind is always working towards accomplishing your goals.

I explore a plethora of pathways while illustrating, also exploring any stylistic direction provided.  My aim is to then choose a final concept, which will be the most effective solution for the project.  I spend several weeks refining this concept in vector format, giving meticulous attention to every shape, line, angle – every detail.  Even after this is complete, I spend several more days tweaking the finer points of the vector.  I sleep on any and all adjustments made, and then revisit with a clear refreshed mind.


Once the design is complete, I send through a detailed document showing the process I have undertaken to reach this final solution.  This visual documentation outlines the project from concept to completion, and explains how all of the design decisions made serve the project goals.

You will notice that I do not include a revision process with my client.  When you hire me to complete a project, you are doing so because you appreciate the quality and attention to detail in my work.  This process is how I achieve the high-quality in my work, and you do not change the process if you want the kind of results you see in my portfolio.

Final Payment and Delivery

After I have presented the project solution to you, I will ask for the final payment.  Once this payment has been received, I will deliver you the vector artwork in your required formats, along with any necessary directions for use.

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