Brown’s Barber Club



Brown’s Barber Club is a non-profit clothing brand, donating all money made from it’s sales to Crisis, a British charity for homeless people.  The owner of the brand Adam Brown not only donates money to Crisis but volunteers his time to give free haircuts to homeless people on Christmas day.

Positioning themselves as “a brand that’s making a difference,” BBC goes the extra mile to provide quality garments and brilliant customer service that reflects the virtuous vision behind the brand.

My client wanted something unique, asking only that the illustrations feature an Owl (the iconic image of the brand) and a Fox wearing a top hat and carrying a spotted hanky on a stick. These illustrations would also feature in a single-colour to be screen printed on garments.

With this direction, I started to sketch out ideas for the compositions of the two illustrations.  Later I would scan these in, digitise them and reconstruct them within Adobe Illustrator in vector format.

Zentangle Owl

Given freedom to include extra context to the t-shirt illustrations, I formulated the idea of an owl holding barber scissors and a comb to tie in the link to the barber club.  As this would only be a single-colour illustration, I opted to include intricate and symmetrical Zentangle patterns.

Each Zentangle design is carefully crafted to be legible at the printed size outlined in the project brief.  Various hand-drawn and printed experiments were carried out to explore the legibility of the illustration, carrying through the message of quality attributed by BBC.

Travelling Fox

The second illustration of the Fox was crafted to include similar style patterns found within the Owl illustration. While the Zentangle designs were sparse in this piece, highlighting certain areas of the design, including the spotted hanky, really help draw attention to different elements in the composition.

Close attention was given to promoting a consistent rhythm to the line-work, mimicking angles and line flow found in the Owl illustration.

The resulting illustrations form a pair of T-shirts similar in aesthetic style, but diverse enough to stand on their own as bespoke products on the Brown’s Barber Club online store.

Illustration Process Images