Edwina’s Portrait


"I am truly grateful to Gethin for providing a memorable and
unique gift for my daughter." - Avril Low


The goal of this project was to create a bespoke and memorable piece of art for your daughter, Edwina, which captured her glamour, femininity and beauty. Based on the source photography provided, you wanted the illustration to portray Edwina’s fun and delightful personality.

Process of Illustration

Through the desire to create a vibrant and memorable illustration, I sought to use Edwina’s striking blue hair colour to compliment other elements in the piece. Featuring this cool colour across the canvas helps balance the composition and reflects Edwina’s fun personality.

Ensuring that I delivered on capturing Edwina’s glamorous hair correctly, I dedicated time to exploring various styles, taking inspiration from the provided photography. I then revisited every line, angle and curve again and again, paying careful consideration to capturing the natural flow of the hair.

The resulting portrait of Edwina captures her delightful personality and combines it with vibrant colour to create a piece of art that leaves a memorable impression.

"The brief was interpreted perfectly. The subject was portrayed in true spirit. "
- Avril Low

Illustration Process Images