Product by Room – Interactive Product Guide



One example of a successful communicative solution I created for Thomas Sanderson is the digital interactive product guide. Available to every employee, external agency or associate this database was created to access a vast array of product information quickly and easily.

The Challenge

Taking into consideration the various departments who would use this guide, the challenge was to communicate a consistent database of information tailored to their varying needs.

For example, the contact centre advisors and sales designers require quick and easy access to information when on calls or at appointments. Working in a fast-paced sales environment, coming across an expert to the customer is imperative to the company’s success. This need was addressed by building a simple interactive PDF database.

Furthermore, this interactive guide would need to be comprehensive enough to aid marketing activities. This meant consolidating all essential product information into one document so that the marketing team and their external agencies could refer to it.

Bookmarking & Layout

As mentioned before, users of this document would need to navigate through it quickly and easily.

For this reason all product information was colour coded, applied graphic icons and split by room type to aid the user faced with time-sensitive situations.

This design allows the user to quickly access solutions to questions such as what products can the customer have in a particular room, what the best product for a particular room is, and what the features and benefits of certain products are.

A lot of time was spent on the development of icons for the room types. These needed to be recognisable instantaneously for new users of the guide before colour was even integrated. As users become more experienced with the guide, colour of the room types then becomes the primary navigation tool.

Ease of Navigation

With any design, ease to access information is essential in its success. For this reason, I designed all information in the product by room guide to be accessed in only a few clicks.

Every page has a ‘back arrow’ symbol in the top left-hand corner to return the user to the main contents page. This allows users to switch room types quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, by clicking the room symbol specific to each section, a drop-down menu for products appears. These represent all of the available products for that room type. Consequently, this allows the user to search for a product instead of flicking through every page for that room type.


With a document of this size there are almost always errors and misconnections between pages. And, testing something that you created isn’t always the best way to discover the bugs.

Therefore I asked a couple of people from each area of the business to be included in a testing group for the guide before launching it to the business.

Feedback from this testing group informed small tweaks to the positioning of certain navigation icons to help users. It also helped me identify misconnections between links.

In conclusion, the product by room guide worked exactly as intended as soon as it launched to the wider business.

Product by Room Guide Video