Valet Guard®



In addition to providing hand-crafted window styling’s for the home and conservatory, Thomas Sanderson also offer a conservatory clean and care service for their customers.

I was tasked with designing a complete set of visual branding for a new add-on service called Valet Guard®. I came up with the name for the service, exploring a myriad of possibilities and researching competitor services too. Additionally, I designed a variety of print, web and exhibition based materials for marketing purposes.


The Valet Guard® service is designed to enhance the effectiveness of a Conservatory Valet by providing a protective barrier treatment to glass that prevents the future build-up of dirt and grime.

The focus keyword taken into consideration when designing the logo was “Protection”.

With the main theme decided upon, a vast number of word maps & sketches were explored in the design process. These included exploration of graphical marks for umbrellas, conservatories, tick symbols and many more.

Ultimately, this is how the final shield design was decided upon.

Additionally, the protective barrier applied to glass aids in repelling water and dirt from its surface. This convention was also a very important factor to illustrate in the design.

As a result the graphic mark of a water droplet is combined with the shield symbol in the final design. These two marks work together to communicate the purpose of the Valet Guard® service.


The Valet Guard® project coincided with my work on the ‘Conservatory Care’ brand overhaul.

A bright orange, the previous Conservatory Care brand colour, did not communicate the correct messaging to Thomas Sanderson customers. The Conservatory Care service is positioned as premium, however, the orange used conveyed connotations of a cheap and unprofessional service.

After looking at alternative colours for the brand, a decision was made to use the Thomas Sanderson core brand purple. The colour Purple is associated with royalty and quality, and above all, was already established as a brand colour. For these reasons, this positioned Purple the best colour to be used for the premium service.

Scientific Infographics

The next challenge was marketing the Valet Guard® service to Thomas Sanderson customers. Consequently, I was required to design a set of infographics, which explained the need to conservatory owners.

Originally, a set of scientific graphics was used for Valet Guard®. These diagrams helped explain what was happening to the glass on a molecular level.

In contrast to belief, glass is not a smooth surface. In fact it is very rough, which allows dirt and grime to get embedded and make glass look dirty.

The protective barrier of Valet Guard® creates a smooth surface on the glass preventing this from happening.

This process is illustrated through a set of three scientific diagrams.

Customer-friendly Infographics

From a marketing perspective, not all customers care about the detail of science communicated via the original Valet Guard® diagrams. Instead, a set of customer-friendly infographics was required to convey the message simply.

The new infographics featured a graphic mark of a conservatory to help explain exactly what was going on. This graphic, aided by explanatory text, helped illustrate three stages of the Valet Guard® process.

In this instance, the protective barrier was represented with a bubble keeping the dirt spots away from the conservatory. These three diagrams working together conveyed the message in a much simpler way. After all, that is the purpose of an infographic.

Valet Guard® Usage

The Valet Guard® branding is used on the Thomas Sanderson website, as well as a variety of print-based marketing material.

Additionally, it has been applied to a number of exhibition stand designs at shows around the UK. This includes being exhibited at the 2016 & 2017 Ideal Home Show’s at London Olympia.

In conclusion, Valet Guard® has helped contribute to the Conservatory Care service’s most successful year in 2016. It has established itself as the most profitable valet service in the UK, with Valet Guard® its most premium service.